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Business Development Manager - Nigeria

Location: Lagos, Nigeria, Nigeria

Date Posted: 23-11-2017
Business Development Manager
Lagos, Nigeria
Manage and expand the Business Development, Marketing and Public Relations
Reporting Line: Reports to Managing Director
Responsibilities and Tasks:
▪ Creating and maintaining a detailed business model for the company –
including actual and projected performance, with metrics for ROI (candidate
will need advanced excel modelling skills)
▪ Head of Department, with corporate responsibilities to manage the
Department and represent the Company in-line with Company polices and so
as to help ensure the Company attains and maintains operational excellence
▪ Developing and pursing new business opportunities for the Company in the
West African Petroleum and Maritime sectors
▪ Developing and maintaining strong relationships with government so as to
ensure that relevant government agencies are informed of the Company’s
plans and services and that the Company is operating in-line with government
laws, regulations and best practices
▪ Develop and maintain client and project target list
▪ Define clear strategies and schedules for achieving set targets
▪ Ensure prequalification of the Company with existing and potential customers,
government agencies to enable Company to be in a position to bid for projects
within its sphere of capabilities
▪ Carry out risk identification, profit potential and analysis for each business
▪ Manage tender submissions, including liaison with Operations, Planning and
Development, Facilities, Administration and Finance on submission of bid
▪ Provide inputs to management based on market information to enable the
Company to develop capabilities in areas that will give it strategic leverage for
future projects.
▪ Gather and analyse market intelligence for new projects and opportunities.
▪ Ensure that client’s have a 24/7 access to a Company Account Manager
▪ Ensure that client and potential enquiries are screened and channelled to the
correct Department and responded to
▪ Ensure communication of customer needs and expectations between the
Company and the client and between Departments in the Company
▪ Ensure liaison with other departments as appropriate in relation to proposals,
projects, legal, financing, tax, or other issues
▪ Ensure timely and regular collection of Client feedback
▪ Foster and develop positive customer relationships which result in increased
and repeat business
▪ Understand customer needs and assist in the development of project solutions
that satisfy those requirements and provide new opportunities for the
▪ Interact with Managers in Client and potential client organisations,
professionally and socially, to maintain relationships with Clients and potential
▪ Minimum Qualifications:
o MANDATORY: Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from
highly ranked business school which they attended on campus
o OPTIONAL BUT PREFERRED: Bachelors degree in Engineering
▪ Minimum Experience: 8 - 12 years experience in Business Development
function. Experience in Fabrication and Marine sectors, including international
experience dealing with global clients
▪ Exceptional attention to detail
▪ Advanced knowledge and skills in financial modelling and development of
business models and plans, with focus on significant financial analysis
▪ Exceptional market and customer awareness and presentation skills
▪ Knowledge of fabrication, maritime, oil and gas industries markets and
▪ Legal and commercial skills to be able to deal with contractual and financial
conditions in contracts and tenders
▪ Excellent networking skills.
▪ The Employee will be required to provide assistance to the Company in a wide
range of areas, in line with the Employee’s field of experience/expertise
▪ The Employee may also be required to perform duties not directly related to
his/her area of experience or expertise, in which case proper instruction will be
provided by the Company
▪ Ensure that the highest ethical standards are maintained in all activities
▪ Conduct himself/herself in a dignified and respectful manner that reflects well
on the Company and also sets an example for the other employees
N2 million pcm for Nigerian National
$10,000 pcm for Expat
Expat can be on single status with rotation, or married status residential
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